Fragment of Behjat Sadr’s notes
1980–1981Extract from the publication Behjat Sadr. Traces, Paris, Zamân Books, 2014.

How cursed the night is

Night is silence
Night is limitation
At night one can’t telephone anyone
At night no one will telephone you
At night you await no one
At night you are not tempted to go to seek anyone out
At night your daughter is asleep
At night you don’t go out to the street to shop
At night the door to the office building is closed
At night you drink wine
At night you ruin your tomorrow with wine
Tomorrow you have a headache
Tomorrow your plans will be more disorganised
Is there a tomorrow
The wine is finished
The night is dark
The moon these nights has been so huge and white
What a shame I’ve not seen it properly
Red wine is a kick at the white moon in the black night.